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Director, PhD Program Position Description Subsection: 3.2.19
Section 3.0 - Position Descriptions Originating Date: January 2007
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: January 2015 (changes)
Reviewed: December 2020 (changes)

General Position Description

The Director of the PhD Program is the academic administrative officer responsible for the PhD program of the College. The Program Director ensures that the standards and policies of the College of Nursing, the Graduate College, and the University are met in the PhD program, and further that the program achieves the highest standards for doctoral education outlined by national bodies in nursing education. S/he is responsible for facilitating the planning, implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement of the College’s PhD program.

Organizational Relationships

The Director of the PhD Program reports to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs. The Director collaborates with division deans and faculty to coordinate course offerings and program improvement. S/he sits on the Graduate Committee, and works closely with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and other Program Directors to facilitate efficient and coordinated use of resources. The Director collaborates with the Directors of Student Services, Diversity, and Evaluation, and the Marketing Specialist/Recruitment Coordinator regarding PhD student recruitment, admissions, program evaluation, and student scholarships and financial aid, and with the Associate Dean for Research to coordinate and enhance research activities of doctoral students, including grant submissions and administration.

Responsibilities of the Position

  • Participates with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, other administrators, and faculty in strategic planning for doctoral education
  • Provides leadership for the ongoing review of the College’s strategic plan for doctoral education
  • Coordinates, in collaboration with appropriate others, the systems for managing doctoral course offerings, class schedules, doctoral student advising, doctoral level examinations, and dissertation committees
  • Monitors doctoral programs of study and student progression
  • Chairs the Doctoral Program Faculty
  • Participates in and reviews the faculty’s recommendations for course, curricula and program changes, coordinates proposal development, and forwards proposals to the appropriate review bodies for approval
  • Assists with doctoral student recruitment, admissions, advising, and financial aid
  • Participates with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs in seeking and implementing doctoral training grants
  • In collaboration with the Director of Evaluation, collects and analyzes data to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the PhD program and to ensure that the policies and standards of the College and University are met
  • Monitors application, admission, matriculation, progression, and graduation patterns of PhD students
  • Facilitates academic services to PhD students
  • Manages PhD program budgets, as delegated by the Associate Dean for Academic Programs
  • Oversees teaching assignments of PhD courses, in collaboration with Division Assistant Deans
  • Oversees progression review and other policies related to student progression and graduation
  • Along with the Director of the Master’s Program, recommends graduate faculty appointments to the Dean of the Graduate Studies
  • Promotes rural activities for students
  • Engages in an active program of extramurally funded research

Appointment Requirements

  • A bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing and an earned doctorate in nursing or a related field
  • Experience in PhD level teaching and curriculum development
  • Evidence of success in an extramurally funded program of research and national recognition as a leader in the field
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities, managerial skills, creativity, ability to make timely decisions, to collaborative effectively, and to be open to the ideas of others and to constructive feedback
  • Rank of Associate or Full Professor