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Faculty Awards Process Subsection: Appendix S
Section - Appendices Originating Date: May 2007
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Faculty Coordinating Council

Approving Agency:
General Faculty Organization
Revised: March 2012
Revised: October 2023 (changes)
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Outlines the process for determining the annual faculty award recipients.


The eight current faculty awards process shall be implemented jointly by the FCC and selected standing committees of General Faculty Organization (GFO). The FCC provides oversight of the awards process including the creation of a timeline for the awards process (i.e, announcement dates, due dates) and coordination/consultation with the designated staff member assigned to prepare announcements, collect and collate applications, and distribute to appropriate committees. It is recommended that the past GFO chair or another FCC member serve as the faculty awards contact person, coordinating with staff and the standing committees. FCC determines the awards timeline by November of the academic year.

The standing committees who are responsible for an award will determine the process they want to use for reviewing applications and determining an award recipient. This may include a sub-committee or task force of the committee or the broader College of Nursing (CON) GFO membership, or a shared task force between more than one committee in the case of the teaching awards. The select standing committees are also responsible for meeting the designated timeline and coordinating with the designated FCC awards contact person.

Standing Committee Recommendations for Faculty Awards:
The Rosalee C. Yeaworth Teaching
Excellence Award
  UG Curriculum Committee & Professional Graduate Nursing Program Curriculum Committee
The Dean’s Excellence in Teaching Award   UG Curriculum Committee & Professional Graduate Nursing Program Curriculum Committee
Pennie Z. Davis Faculty Research Award   Nursing Research Committee
Ada M. Lindsey Professional Service Award   Faculty Practice Committee
Kathyrn Sandahl Philp
Creativity & Innovation Award
  Faculty Coordinating Council
Donna Westmoreland Excellence
in Faculty Mentoring Award
  Faculty Coordinating Council
Spirit of Shared Governance Award   Faculty Coordinating Council
Virginia Tilden Leadership Development Award   Faculty Coordinating Council