CON Global Health Committee Rules of the Faculty Organization

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Global Health Committee Rules of the Faculty Organization Subsection: 4.1.12
Section 4.0 - Faculty Policies Originating Date: April 2022
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Global Health Committee
Faculty Coordinating Council

Final Review Agency:
General Faculty Organization

1.    Purpose:

The purpose of the Global Health Committee is to lead the College of Nursing faculty and staff in issues related to global health in the education, practice/service, and research missions.

2.    Functions:

  1. Represent the College of Nursing at UNMC, UNO and NU international programs, meetings and/or committees; assess, report, and advise about international impact of College of Nursing.
  2. Inform and support Office of Transformational Practice and Partnerships and the College of Nursing Strategic Plans regarding international activities and issues.
  3. Inform the College of Nursing curriculum at all levels regarding global health.
  4. Review and advise College of Nursing on exchange of educational content and clinical opportunities with a focus on global health competencies.
  5. Assist and participate in planned exchange experiences and international visits.
  6. Inform College of Nursing policies and procedure regarding student and faculty exchange participation.
  7. Participate in assessment and evaluation of new international student experience sites for consideration of inclusion into College of Nursing international exchange program.

3.    Membership:

  1. One elected voting representative of the faculty from each campus for 2-year term
    Staggered Terms:
    • Omaha (Even)
    • Kearney (Even)
    • Norfolk (Even)
    • Scottsbluff (Odd)
    • Lincoln (Odd)
  2. One elected voting staff representative for a 2-year term
  3. Two “at large” voting members elected from the faculty or staff for 2-year terms
  4. Director of Global Health (ex officio, non-voting)
  5. One student representative (volunteer, non-voting) for a 1-year term
  6. Associate Dean for Transformational Practice and Partnerships (ex officio, non-voting)

4.    Guidelines:

  1. Committee will meet monthly during the academic year.
  2. Administrative support for the Committee will be provided by the Office of Transformational Practice and Partnerships
  3. The committee appoints a chair from the faculty members the first meeting each academic year.
  4. Annual goals are developed at the beginning of the academic year and a report is submitted to the Faculty Coordinating Council at the end of the academic year.
  5. Membership guidelines: all members should demonstrate a willingness or expressed interest in developing and supporting a global health program for the purpose of improving student global health competence, supporting scholarship or research related to global health and/or an interest in global health care.