CON Graduate Grading System version October 2016

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Professional Graduate Grading System Subsection: 5.3.6
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: February 2009
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee

Final Reviewing Agency:
General Faculty Organization
Revised: April 2012
Revised: February 2013
Revised: May 2016
Revised: October 2016


  1. Grade guidelines for all College of Nursing professional graduate courses.

    The percentage system used to award grades within the College of Nursing is the following:

    A+   98-100   D+   68-69
    A   93-97   D   63-67
    A-   90-92   D-   60-62
    B+   88-89   F   below 60
    B   83-87        
    B-   80-82        
    C+   78-79        
    C   73-77        
    C-   70-72        
  2. Quality points are calculated according to the following system:

    Grade   Quality Points   Grade   Quality Points
    A+ & A   4.0   C   2.00
    A-   3.67   C-   1.67
    B+   3.33   D+   1.33
    B   3.00   D   1.00
    B-   2.67   D-   0.67
    C+   2.33   F   0.00
  3. Grades of Incomplete are to designate incomplete work in a course and will be used in extenuating circumstances such as illness, military service, hardship or death in family.
  4. Grades of Incomplete are given when student has already completed substantial requirements in the course.
  5. Grades of Incomplete must be completed in one semester after they have been awarded or the grade of Incomplete will revert to a grade of F. Any extensions to the one-semester time frame must be arranged with the Associate Dean of Academic Programs prior to the Incomplete being changed to a grade of F. A student with two or more current grades of Incomplete will not be permitted to enroll in any new courses until the number of current incomplete grades becomes less than two. All grades of Incomplete on courses that are part of the degree requirements must be removed at least one month before the final semester of the degree.
  6. The course instructor, or in the absence of the instructor, the specialty coordinator, shall supervise the completion of the course work and removal of the incomplete to a course grade.
  7. If the incomplete is in a course that is a prerequisite for another, the student may not progress until the incomplete is removed.
  8. Student Services will run a query each semester to monitor student progression. They will notify the student advisor of failure to meet grade expectations of a 3.0 or above. Please see Policy 5.3.11 for progression of the student.