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After working with the ID Card office and UNMC Security here is what has been determined/decided:

  • The entrance/exit to/from the tunnel on level 1 of CON has a card reader on each side of the door(s) for after-hours and weekend access.
  • The single door towards the west end of the tunnel has a card reader on the west side of the door for after-hours and weekend access (the door swings open to the west). FYI – there is a “house phone” on the east side of the door for emergency purposes.
  • The two sets of double steel doors south of the “T” (where you go south to Wittson or north to Poynter) have no card readers and ARE NOT locked after-hours and on weekends.

We have asked the ID Card office to add CON student access to the access levels for the card readers on CON Level 1 and for the card reader on the single door in the tunnel. This means that CON students will be able to go between the CON and Wittson/University Tower buildings after-hours and on weekends by using their ID badges in the card readers. (CON faculty, staff and students cannot access Poynter Hall from the west end of the tunnel as it has a card reader for which we have no authorization.)

Regarding the stairwells in the CON building, they are currently supposed to be unlocked at all times. We are looking into security measures and restricting access in the CON building, but as of now the stairwell doors should always be unlocked. Please let me know if you or any of your students experience a locked stairwell door in the building.