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Policy has been deleted

RN/BSN Track Admission Policy Subsection: 5.2.4
Section 5.0 - Students Originating Date: May, 1992
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Admission, Progression, Graduation & Scholarship/Grant Committee
Revised: March, 1993
Revised: January, 1999
Revised: February, 2003
Revised: May, 2005
Revised: March, 2009
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  1. RN/BSN students can be granted provisional admission following completion of all prerequisite courses. Students admitted provisionally must meet all current admission standards at the time of full admission.
  2. Prior to full admission, RN/BSN track students must complete the following:
    1. Non-nursing course requirements.
    2. Required immunizations and CPR certification.
    3. Documentation of current RN licensure allowing practice in Nebraska.
    4. Graduate of a school with NLN accreditation.
    5. Official course projection.
    6. Math competency requirement that demonstrates ONE of the following:
      1. Meet the math requirement of eligibility for College Algebra.
      2. Successful completion (grade of C or better) of college chemistry AND statistics
  3. All RN/BSN students must file a nursing course projection at the time of provisional admission. If the RN student wishes to take any course with the traditional students then the RN student will progress in nursing courses as space is available. Students must indicate on their own course of study which courses they wish to challenge.
  4. Students must attain full admission status prior to registering for a clinical course.
  5. International professional nurses seeking admission will be evaluated on an individual basis.