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Requesting Emeritus Faculty Appointment Subsection: Appendix A4
Section - Appendices Originating Date: March 2008
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Promotion and Tenure Committee
Reviewed: June 2015
Revised: April 2016
Revised: November 2018
Revised: November 2023 (changes)
Related documents:
Promotion and Tenure
Board of Regents
4.1.1. Rules of the Faculty Organization


College of Nursing Promotion and Tenure Committee will provide peer review of a nomination for emeritus faculty status as described in Rules of the Faculty Organization 4.1.1.


  1. Emeritus appointment is given only at the time of retirement with at least 10 years of service at the College of Nursing. If the emeritus appointment request is an exception to the 10 years of service, the applicant should provide evidence to support this request. An appointment of emeritus status recognizes achievement at the highest level to show respect for a distinguished career. Emeritus status recognizes faculty for lifetime contributions to the college of nursing and university, to their field and/or both upon their retirement.
    1. Faculty with or without tenure are eligible for consideration.
  2. When a faculty member makes a decision regarding retirement and wants to seek emeritus status they are required to inform their division assistant dean/supervisor. The faculty member and immediate supervisor will discuss emeritus faculty appointment and determine any special provisions (e.g. office space, staff support, equipment) that may be provided with the appointment.
  3. Two letters of recommendation are required, one from faculty applicant and one from their division assistant dean/supervisor. The faculty’s letter of nomination needs to include a substantive narrative addressing how the nominee qualifies for emeritus status. The letter will describe succinctly the faculty member’s “substantial service to the college/university” and any special provisions to be provided with this appointment. The division assistant dean/supervisor’s letter should validate or support the special provisions and requests of the faculty member.
    1. Substantive contributions should fall under at least one of the following categories:
      • Impressive portfolio of research grants and high-quality publications that have had impact on the field(s) and national and international recognition of this work;
      • Outstanding contribution to learning and teaching that has significant influence and impact on students, or an exemplary and sustained innovation in learning and teaching and/or curriculum development
      • Engagement with practice partners and/or national/international community
      • Demonstration of extended service and/or clinical practice that has had an impact on the profession and practice of nursing
      • Achievement of a high level of impact (social, economic, political, legal, environmental) outside the academic community;
    2. Emeriti faculty are encouraged to continue their association with the College of Nursing as appropriate through activities such as continued scholarly writing, research, or mentoring, although such activities are not required.
  4. The nomination letters and the faculty member’s current curriculum vitae will be sent to the chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee at least 60 days before retirement.
  5. Upon receipt of the emeritus faculty status appointment nomination documents, the Promotion and Tenure Committee chair will disseminate the documents to the committee for review and recommendation.
  6. After the Promotion and Tenure Committee has made the recommendation, the Promotion and Tenure Committee chair will forward the recommendation to the Dean of the College of Nursing.
  7. The Dean of the College of Nursing will review the recommendation for emeritus faculty status appointment and forward the recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  8. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs forwards the recommendation to the chancellor and the chancellor notifies the Dean of the College of Nursing of the final decision.
  9. The Dean of the College of Nursing notifies the faculty by letter regarding the final decision.