CON Room Scheduling Contacts

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If you need or have any questions regarding Meet Me at the Bridge Lines / Room Scheduling / IP Video requests, please contact your department / campus person listed below.

CBH – Lori Cooley

FHS – Colleen Tworek

AHI – LaKeya Timberlake

NNRC – Kimberly Alexander

Lincoln – Kendra Knox (, Diane Potter

Norfolk – Kristi Brummels, Tom Gaffney, Gwen Porter

Kearney – Gloria Geiselman, Cindy Taylor

Scottsbluff – Linda Dobson, Bobbi Hartshorn

Pre-assigned Nursing Graduate Courses, Graduate during the first two weeks of semester – Dani Wilson-Baxter

Pre-Assigned Nursing Undergrad Courses, Undergrad during the first two weeks of semester – Debbi Lee

Academic Programs, Administration, CNE, Stu Services, – Debbi Lee