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  Terms Definitions  
  Adobe Connect One system used by the CON for meetings. Allows for synchronous video and audio  
  ADAP Associate Dean for Academic Programs  
  ADR Assistant Dean for Research. Based in the Niedfelt Nursing Research center of the CON.  
  APT Academic Programs Team - Comprising division assistant deans, program directors and academic program managerial staff to advise ADAP.  
  AST Academic Support Team - Comprising division office associates and academic programs office associates who work with curriculum and Bb.  
  ATI ATI Nursing Application used to teach interventions and assess for learner readiness.  
  Bridge Line Phone conferencing system  
  CCNE Our accrediting body: Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education  
  CNS Center for Nursing Science (Omaha)  
  CITI Training Collaborative Institutional training Initiative. Research ethics education for those doing research.  
  CON College of Nursing  
  Course Coordinator Faculty responsible for coordinating a course on a campus  
  Division/Campus the CON is composed of five divisions (may also be called campuses); Omaha, Lincoln, Northern (Norfolk), Kearney, Western (Scottsbluff)  
  ESS Employee Self Service: includes Human Resource information i.e. paycheck, W-2 form, benefits, leave requests  
  Firefly Business portal for college  
  FCC Faculty Coordinating Council: Representation from all divisions and chairs of all nursing faculty committees  
  GFO General faculty Organization: Shared governance structure for faculty  
  GSO General Staff Organization: Shared governance structure for staff  
  IP Video Internet Protocol video. Conference meetings, such as GFO and GSO, may be conducted by synchronous video and audio across all five campuses.  
  IT Information Technology  
  McGoogan Name of UNMC library physically based in Omaha but available on line in Blackboard.  
  Morehead Center for Nursing Practice Supports academic nursing practice.  
  NEST Nursing Exemplar Strategies for Teaching – Application on Blackboard with examples of novel teaching strategies.  
  NNRC Niedfelt Nursing Research Center  
  NU Nebraska University (or University of Nebraska)  
  Peoplesoft Student information system  
  SAP SAP is the acronym for Systems, Applications, Products. Financial software (bill paying, etc)  
  Semester Coordinator Faculty charged with coordination of all courses on the campus for a particular semester.  
  Vidyo A web conferencing software