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Volunteer Faculty Appointments Subsection: 4.4.4
Section 4.0 - Faculty Policies Originating Date: October 1975
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council

Related Documents:
Revised: August 1998
Revised: January 2004
Revised: January 2009
Reviewed: May 2016
Revised: August 2016
Revised: November 2023 (changes)

General Position Description

Volunteer Faculty members contribute to the education, research, or service missions of the College of Nursing (CON). They serve as role models for students and colleagues and collaborators with faculty. They bring important perspectives to the College of Nursing through their expertise and accomplishments.

Volunteer Faculty appointments will be at the rank of instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor and can be designated as clinical at each rank.

Volunteer faculty may have primary responsibilities in clinical settings in which the CON places students for learning experiences and they may participate in various aspects of the academic programs of the CON.

The volunteer faculty is a role model for students, demonstrating one or both of the following elements: (1) complexity and subspecialization of nursing practice, and (2) new and expanded roles.

Appointees abide by the philosophy and procedures of the CON while participating in volunteer faculty activities.

Individuals with proper credentials may be put forward to be considered for graduate or associate graduate faculty status.

Privileges and opportunities for volunteer faculty at the assistant professor, clinical assistant professor, associate professor, clinical associate professor, professor or clinical professor rank may include one or more of the below.

  • Participation in activities of nursing education to include, but not limited to, didactic teaching, membership on supervisory committee or working with DNP students on scholarly projects.
  • Assistance and support as available for research, if working collaboratively with faculty.
  • Sharing of knowledge.
  • Input into curricular issues.
  • Closer collaboration between practice and education.
  • Academic recognition for nursing expertise.

Volunteer faculty requesting to work with graduate students will be required to meet the requirements for graduate or associate graduate faculty status.

Educational Qualification

For instructor or clinical instructor, a master’s degree is required, or at the discretion of the dean. A master's degree in nursing is preferred.

For assistant professor, clinical assistant professor, associate professor, clinical associate professor, professor, and clinical professor, a terminal degree in nursing is required, or at the discretion of the dean.

Appointment Process

  1. A letter of request is submitted by the individual faculty or a CON faculty member to the appropriate division assistant dean identifying strengths and proposed contributions to nursing education. A curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is to accompany the request.
  2. The appropriate College of Nursing division assistant dean, associate dean, or area director reviews and recommends approval of the request. The request letter and CV or resume is forwarded to the dean for final approval and appointment.
  3. The dean’s office will process the approved volunteer faculty appointment.

Review Process

A review of the appointment will be conducted every three (3) years (more often if circumstances warrant). The division assistant dean completes the Volunteer Faculty Review form recommending to continue or discontinue volunteer faculty appointment and submits completed form to the dean’s office. The dean’s office will verify current licensure prior to extending volunteer faculty appointment.