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It is the intent of the University of Nebraska Medical Center to ensure that the assets of the organization are protected and that there is a defined process for transition, whenever an employee is separated from UNMC. The department or unit is responsible for following the separation procedures.

Employee Separation Policy #1006

Employee Exit Checklist (Manager's Form)

Employee Exit Checklist (Employee's Form)

Employee Exit Information

Exit Survey

In the month immediately following an employee’s separation, an exit survey will be mailed to the individual's home or forwarding address by an outside contractor. In the completion of that survey, employees may also request a follow-up personal interview by phone or in person.

Resignation of Academic Personnel

Employees in academic positions are required to provide 90 days notice, or the term required in their contract, unless a shorter period is accepted by the employing department, for resignation from those positions.

For further information, please contact the Academic Services Office at 402/559-4457.

Resignation of Non-Academic Employees

An employee may resign from his/her position for any reason, with the proper notification period, unless a shorter period is approved by the employing department. For exempt positions (academic/administrative and managerial/ professional) the required time is 90 days notice. For non-exempt positions (office/service), 14 days notice is required When an employee finds it necessary to separate from UNMC employment, he/she is expected to give written notice of his/her intent to resign to his/her manager and to indicate the last day to be worked.


Retirement: Office-Service employees are given a one-time payment of one-fourth (25%) of the accumulated unused sick leave balance at the rate of pay based on regular pay at the time of retirement.

Early Retirement Status: An employee must be age 55 and have at least ten years of service to take early retirement status from the University of Nebraska.

*Basic Retirement Plan

*Deferred Compensation Plan

*Supplemental Retirement Plan

Transfer within the University System

An employee who is transferring to another campus of the University is expected to give the same notice period required for resignation.