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Human Resources, Strategic Staffing and Compensation, is responsible for all aspects of the hiring process for employees classified as "Non Academic", otherwise designated as "Office Services" and "Managerial/Professional". Not included within the scope of this policy are the hiring activities for those employees designated as "Academic" and "Academic/Administrative", whose activities are the responsibility of Academic Support Services.

Employment Policy #1004

Employment Procedures

Appointment to Positions

Employees will be appointed to positions so that terms and conditions of employment may be established.

Employee Definitions

There are three (3) categories of employment:

  • Professional Staff. This category includes all personnel having a general scope of duties and responsibilities requiring educational qualifications and professional training that exempts their positions from the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the State Personnel System. This category consists of the following subcategories:
    • Academic-Administrative Staff. This subcategory includes all faculty and such administrative officers as the Board may designate. The faculty of the University of Nebraska includes all persons holding the academic rank of assistant instructor and above, or formally approved equivalent ranks.
    • Other Academic Staff. This subcategory includes all persons with the rank of research associate, research assistant, graduate assistant, teaching assistant, teaching fellow, and house officer.
    • Managerial-Professional Staff. This subcategory includes persons serving in nonacademic professional positions including nurses, technical specialists, directors not included in the academic-administrative staff, and all departmental managers. Part-time employees in this subcategory may be subject to the provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Office and Service Staff. This category includes all persons who perform work that by custom in business, industry, and other institutions of higher education is managed on an hourly basis with such work compensated according to hours worked or earned, including clerical and office employees, foremen, general service workers, and other personnel paid on an hourly basis.
  • Student Employees. This category includes all employees whose primary occupation is that of student, except those qualifying under

Hiring Process

Requirements for employment authorization and other federal and state requirements.

Ineligible for Re-Hire

In accordance with UNMC Policy No. 1098, Corrective/Disciplinary Action, and Corrective/Disciplinary Action Procedures, any individual terminated for gross misconduct is not eligible for re-hire at UNMC

Nebraska Veterans Preference

A preference shall be given to eligible veterans seeking employment. (Neb. Rev. Stat. Sec. 48-226, Reissue 1984).

Non-Exempt Travel Guidelines

Any time spent while in Travel Status where the employee is performing Principal Activities or related Incidental Activities will be accounted for as Working Travel Time, whether or not on a Regular Working Day, and regardless of the time of day those activities are being performed.

Pre-Employment Physical Examinations

For certain identified positions, employment may be contingent upon the successful completion of a physical examination

Preferential Consideration

Employees who have been laid off through a Reduction-in-Force will receive preferential consideration for positions to which they apply and are qualified for the twelve-month period following the lay-off.


Establishes guidelines under which opportunities for job openings are posted and the process by which candidate applications are submitted and reviewed. All announcements and advertisements will reflect that UNMC is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer in accordance with the Board of Regents Bylaw 3.0.

Relatives and Employment

In accordance with Board of Regents Bylaw 3.8, an employee may not be appointed to a position in which the employee would supervise or be supervised by an immediate family member or significant other, unless reviewed by the Executive Director of Human Resources and the Board of Regents. For additional information please contact the Director of Strategic Staffing and Compensation.

Transfer at UNMC

UNMC Employment Policy with correct Transfer Information: Transfer: New hires must have completed one year of employment in their present positions at an acceptable level of performance (not on a corrective action plan). A new hire is defined as any employee who is starting employment with UNMC for the first time or returning to UNMC after a formal separation of employment. In addition, subsequent and concurrent transfers must have completed one year in the current position at an acceptable level of performance (not on a corrective action plan). Employees who have received a formal disciplinary action within the past 12 months are not eligible for transfer.