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Please see: UNMC Policy No. 6045, Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security


  1. The job shadowing participant (“participant”) must be at least 16 years old or must have completed his or her sophomore year of high school. Students who do not meet these criteria will only be allowed to tour.
  2. All participants must receive a HIPAA Patient Privacy Handout and sign a Job Shadowing Confidentiality Agreement & Release Form. The department supervising the job shadowing experience should review HIPAA privacy requirements with the participant and forward the signed Job Shadowing Confidentiality Agreement & Release Form to the Privacy Officer at zip 7810.
  3. Participants will not be permitted to review medical records at any time during their job shadowing experience.
  4. In-house patients must give verbal or written consent during registration, without a participant present, for a participant to be allowed to observe a patient during his or her time with a health professional. The patient and health professional must be informed of the participant’s level of education (i.e., high school, college, UNMC student).
  5. There is no monetary compensation or other benefits for participation in the Job Shadowing Program at UNMC, UMA or UDA.
  6. Job shadowing experiences are generally 1 to 4 hours in length.
  7. Participants will wear badges with their name and the date which identifies them as participants in the Job Shadowing Program. (See the sample name badge.)
  8. If the program participant is a student under the age of 19, the parent or guardian shall be responsible for the conduct of the student participating in the program. If the participant’s behavior becomes inappropriate or disruptive during their job shadowing experience, the individual will be dismissed from the program immediately.
  9. Appropriate accident and liability insurance coverage is the responsibility of the program participant (or parent or guardian).
  10. Program participants will be accepted and assigned to shadowing opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, sex, disability or age.
  11. The participant will present an appropriate professional appearance. For example, no jeans, baggy pants, short skirts or midriff or low cut tops should be worn. Appropriate shoes should be worn (i.e., no open toe sandals or very high heels). The amount and type of jewelry worn should be appropriate for a healthcare setting. Participants should not wear perfume or cologne, which may make a sick patient feel even worse. Students dressed inappropriately for their shadowing experience will not be permitted to participate.
  12. UNMC, UMA, and UDA reserve the right to accept or decline any job shadowing requests. A minimum of two weeks notice is required to coordinate the job shadowing experience.
  13. Individual departments where job shadowing is to take place may impose stricter requirements for participants, such as B or better GPA, a teacher referral (via hardcopy or e-mail), or provision of a short email narrative about why the participant wants to shadow.
  14. Applicants interested in job shadowing at The Nebraska Medical Center (Clarkson and University hospitals) should see TNMC Job Shadowing Information.

Additional Information

Policy No. 6045, Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security
HIPAA Patient Privacy Handout
Sample Name Badge
TNMC Job Shadowing Information
If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the Privacy Officer

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