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This policy has been created to protect the rights and safety of users and staff and to preserve and protect the library's materials, equipment, facilities and grounds. This policy references University of Nebraska and University of Nebraska Medical Center policies.

McGoogan Library spaces are primarily intended for academic research collections, library services and programs, study space for the UNMC community, and librarysponsored or cosponsored events. McGoogan Library reserves the rights to cancel, interrupt, or terminate any service or event in the interest of a weather-related emergency, public safety, or noncompliance with University of Nebraska and University of Nebraska Medical Center policies.

Library Access

The library’s resources and public spaces may be used by all users during regular business hours. The library is accessible after hours for UNMC faculty, staff, and students and other affiliates. A current UNMC ID or Nebraska Medicine badge is required for building access. A UNMC NetID or public access computer pass (for walkin, Nebraska Medicine, guests, and public users) is required to access the library’s electronic resources. See Library Building Access and Hours Policy.

Library Spaces

The library’s public spaces are located on Level 6 and Level 7 of Wittson Hall. Level 6 is a designated collaborative learning space and a reasonable level of noise is to be expected. Level 7 is a designated quiet study space. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be set to a silent mode when entering the library. Users are encouraged to use the Level 6 entrance area for brief, quiet telephone conversations.

Library spaces are designated for use by UNMC faculty, staff, students or library partners. Study rooms and classroom spaces in the library are available for use by UNMC faculty, staff, and students. Spaces managed by library partners may have different access and use policies than the McGoogan Library and are clearly identified in the library.

Food and Drink

Drinks are permitted in spill-proof containers. Food is not permitted by computers.

Children in the Library

Children are welcome in the library. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 19 years or older. Children under the age of 16 are permitted in the library without a parent or guardian only if they are part of a librarysponsored tour or are enrolled in a UNMC course or outreach program.

What to Expect from the Library

  • Space for users that is clean, quiet, and well lit
  • Tools for users to find information quickly and efficiently
  • Courteous and respectful service
  • Access, within specific guidelines, to the library collections
  • Library user records and information requests are considered private information

What is Expected of Library Users

  • Users will engage in responsible behavior and treat library staff and others with courtesy and respect
  • Users will comply with directions of library staff or campus notifications regarding shelter-in-place or evacuation during emergency situations
  • Users will avoid disruptive behavior, which includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Assault or intimidation through language or actions
    • Excessive noise or commotion that disrupts others
    • Refusing to leave when a room reservation has ended
    • Entering areas of the library that are restricted
    • Engaging in behavior as defined by UNMC's Sexual Misconduct policy
    • Engaging in the use of alcohol or illegal drugs as defined by the Drug Free Campus policy
    • Using any e-cigarette, vaping, or tobacco products per the Tobacco-Free Campus policy. This includes smokeless forms of tobacco and electronic cigarettes

Users Respect for Library Materials, Furnishings, and Equipment

  • Keep all areas clean and place trash in proper receptacles
  • Refrain from marking library property or placing books open face down
  • Check out of materials before leaving the library

Users must comply with the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Computer Use and Electronic Information Security Policy.

Users will not make or use unauthorized copies of items obtained from library collections as described in the Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources policy.

Animals or pets are allowable only in cases of service or therapy animals per the UNMC Pets in the Workplace policy.

Public Safety

Do not leave personal items unattended anywhere in the library. All lost and found property will be turned into Public Safety at the end of the business day. Report missing items to the UNMC Public Safety at 402-559-5111.

The library reserves the right to notify UNMC Public Safety or law enforcement regarding disruptive behavior. Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior may be banned from the McGoogan Library.

To receive library specific emergency alerts, text the word Library to 79516. A preexisting UNMC Alerts account is required.