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*'''Business Associate''' means a third party who performs services on behalf of UNMC and has access to protected health information (PHI) when performing services; or provides one of the following services for UNMC involving access to PHI: claims processing, data analysis, data processing, practice management, utilization review, quality assurance, billing, benefit management, and repricing.
*'''Designated Record Set''' is the medical record and billing record.
*'''Individual'''means the person who is the subject of the protected health information (including ACE workforce who are patients).
*'''Protected Health Information (PHI)''' is individually identifiable health information. Health information means any information, whether oral or recorded in any medium that:
:*is created or received by ACE; and
:*Disclosure of PHI to unauthorized persons or entities not included in the Authorization for Release of Information
:*Disclosure of research results linked to human subjects to persons or entities not authorized in the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved protocol
*Workforce members who suspect a breach of confidentiality regarding human subjects ' research information shall report the breach to the IRB office and/or the Privacy Office.
==Additional Information==
*UNMC Policy No. 6045, Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of Patient and Proprietary Information corresponds to Nebraska Medicine Policy IM06
=*Contact the [mailto:sarah.glodencarlson@unmc.edu Chief Compliance Officer], 402-559-9576, or the UNMC Compliance Office at 402-559-6767
*Contact the [mailto:debrbishop@nebraskamed.com Privacy] or [mailto:libazis@nebraskamed.com Information Security] Officers
*Contact Human Resources – Records at 402-559-8962 or Human REsources Resources - Employee Relations
*Exhibit A - [https://www.unmc.edu/hipaa/policies/6045-exhibit-a-statement-of-understanding.pdf Statement of Understanding]
*Exhibit B - [https://www.unmc.edu/hipaa/_documents/6045-Exhibit-B-SSN-Student.docx Use of Student Social Security Number Exception]

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