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===Patient Information===
*Records containing confidential informationPHI, in any form, are the property of the ACE. The original medical record in any form shall not be released except in response to a valid search warrant, subpoena, or court order requiring the release of the original record. A copy of the medical record should be offered first in such circumstances. If the original medical record must be released, a copy should be made prior to release if possible.
*Individuals have the following rights with respect to their PHI:
:*Right to request access and obtain copies of their designated record set within a reasonable amount of time and to request amendment (see UNMC Policy No. 6059, [ Access and Amendment of Designated Record Set]);
*UNMC Policy No. 8000, [[Compliance Program]]
*UNMC Policy No. 8009, [[Contracts]]
*UNMC [ Data Classification Procedure]
*[ UNMC Privacy and Information Security Policies]
*[ UNMC Human Resources Procedures]

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