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Waste Handling

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Biohazardous waste is disposed of through a licensed biohazardous waste contractor. Final disposal of biohazardous waste is in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations and applies a process which renders the biohazardous waste non-infectious. For further questions, please contact EHS.
====Chemical Waste====
Chemical waste is any chemical or chemical material that is used or no longer needed and destined for disposal. Chemicals and chemical materials are disposed of in accordance with the EPA regulations. UNMC is also required by EPA to have a [ Waste Minimization Plan] for hazardous waste. Use the [ Chemical Disposal Fact Sheet] for guidance on disposing chemicals. For information on some specific chemical waste streams, please see the [ Hazardous Material Fact Sheets]. Nebraska Public Service Laboratory waste will be handled per internal guidelines and chain-of-custody requirements. For additional information on chemical disposal, please contact EHS at (402-559-6356).
=====Liquid Chemical Waste=====
Certain non-hazardous liquid chemicals can be disposed to the sanitary sewer. Please see the Hazardous Material Fact Sheet [ Sanitary Sewer Disposal] for a list of these chemicals. All other liquid chemicals and chemical waste must be tagged and given to EHS for proper disposal.

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