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Compliance Program

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*chair the compliance committee.
===Compliance Committee===
The Compliance Committee assists the Chief Compliance Officer with the above duties and helps manage the Compliance Program. The Compliance Committee shall seek to leverage the compliance efforts of each area and avoid duplication of effort. The Compliance Committee shall analyze UNMC’s key risk areas, and monitor and promote compliance. The Compliance Committee shall oversee and monitor department response to identified risks as identified by the Chancellor Risk AssessmentInternal Audit Director’s annual audit plan Assessment as well as data generated through monitoring and individual reporting.
The Compliance Committee shall meet no less than quarterly. The Compliance Committee shall be composed of at least the following representatives who shall be responsible for the overseeing compliance and assist the Chief Compliance Officer with managing the Compliance Program:
*Chief Student Affairs Officer
The Compliance Committee or Chief Compliance Officer may request reports annually from certain representatives and others to address compliance issues as necessary. The purpose of the reports will be to:
*develop policies related to compliance;
*establish compliance training programs;
| Research Integrity || UNMC Policy No. 8003, [[Research Integrity]]
| Sponsored Programs Administration and , Sponsored Programs Accounting and Financial Compliance & Cost Analysis || UNMC Policy No. 3001, [[Sponsored Programs]], UNMC Policy No. 6100, [[Sponsored Programs Costing]], UNMC Policy No. 6102, [[Institutional Base Salary]], UNMC Policy No. 6104, [[Sponsored Project Cost Share]], UNMC Policy No. 6105, [[Effort Certification]], UNMC Policy No. 6106, [[Cost Transfer]], UNMC Policy No. 6107, [[Service Center]], UNMC Policy No. 6108, [ Subrecipient], UNMC Policy No. 6110, [[On-Campus and Off-Campus Indirect Cost Rates on Federally Sponsored Projects]]
| '''Environmental and Safety Compliance'''||
A UNMC compliance hotline (1-844-384-9584 or has been established to provide individuals with an additional communication channel to report compliance concerns. The Chief Compliance Officer shall investigate concerns and take corrective action in response to identified issues. For additional information, see UNMC Policy No. 8001, [[Compliance Hotline]].
==Compliance Training==
All University of Nebraska Medical Center employees (including visitors), students (including visiting students and visitors), and faculty (including but not limited to courtesy, adjunct faculty, visitors, and volunteers) must be knowledgeable of and comply with laws and regulations related to their duties or field of study as determined by the Chief Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee.
Mandatory compliance training is required of UNMC staff and students. All UNMC invited visitors on campus for seven (7) or greater days must complete all mandatory compliance training required of UNMC staff and students. It is the individual's responsibility to complete the compliance training requirements at Failure to complete the training requirements will be grounds for corrective action up to and including dismissal or termination of employment. Delinquency notices will be sent according to the guidelines below:

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