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Collections Management

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#Clear disclosure of any affiliation proposed artist or donor may have with the corporate officer, trustee, physician or employee of UNMC/Nebraska Medicine.<br />
This report is submitted to the Executive Director. Upon review by the Executive Director, works considered for acquisition will be moved through the reporting and approval process, as determined by the following purchase limits.<br /> Currently, the Acquisitions Committee has established the following limits for purchases of works of art:
#Purchases $5,000 and under: Purchases of single works of art up to and including $5,000 may be made on the authority of the Executive Director and Curator.
#Purchases from $5,001 through $25,000: Purchases of single works of art over $5,000 but up to and including $25,000 may be made by the Curator with prior approval of both the Executive Director and the Chairman of the Healing Arts Acquisitions Committee.

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