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Compliance Program

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==Compliance Responsibilities==
[httphttps://www.unmc.edu/academicaffairs/compliance/areas/ Compliance Areas]<br />
Compliance responsibilities shall be established per UNMC and/or Board of Regents policies and procedures linked and referenced below:
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| Code of Conduct || UNMC Policy No. 8006, [[Code of Conduct]]
| IRB || [httphttps://www.unmc.edu/irb/ Institutional Review Board] https://www.unmc.edu/ibc/
| IACUC || [httphttps://wwwinfo.unmc.edu/iacuc/ Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee], BOR Policy 3.2.8
| Conflict of Interest || UNMC Policy No. 1049, [[Outside Employment]], UNMC Policy No. 8010, [[Conflict of Interest]], UNMC Policy No. 8015, [[Health Care Vendor Interactions]]
| Safety || [https://unmc.edu/ehs/safety/ UNMC Environmental Health & Safety Department], UNMC Policy No. 2000, [[Safety]]
| Radiation Safety || [httphttps://www.unmc.edu/ehs/ UNMC Environmental Health & Safety Department]
| Bloodborne Pathogens || [httphttps://www.unmc.edu/academicaffairs/compliance/areas/infection.html Infection Control], UNMC Policy No. 2004, [[Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure]]
| Biosafety || [https://www.unmc.edu/ibc/ Institutional Biosafety Committee], UNMC Policy No. 2005, [[Waste Handling]], [httphttps://info.unmc.edu/safety/safety-office/biohazardous-waste/2005-waste-handling-attachments-2014.pdf Biohazardous Waste Handling]
| Chemical Safety || [httphttps://www.unmc.edu/ehs/ UNMC Environmental Health & Safety Department], UNMC Policy No. 2002, [https://wiki.unmc.edu/index.php/Shipping_Hazardous_Materials Shipment of Hazardous Materials or Dangerous Goods]
| Security || [httphttps://info.unmc.edu/safety/campus-security/index.html UNMC Campus Security]
| '''Intellectual Property''' ||
| Internal Audit || University of Nebraska Internal Audit Charter and UNMC Internatl Audit and Advisory Services Webpage
| Student Success || [https://www.unmc.edu/student-success/ Student Success], [httphttps://catalog.unmc.edu/ UNMC CourseLeaf Catalog] [https://www.unmc.edu/academicaffairs/compliance/matrix.html Compliance Matrix], [https://www.unmc.edu/student-success/academic-records/ferpa/ FERPA Information]
| Title IX || UNMC Policy No. 1099, [[Non-Discrimination and Harassment]], UNMC Policy No. 1107, [[Sexual Misconduct]]
All University of Nebraska Medical Center employees (including visitors), students (including visiting students and visitors), and faculty (including but not limited to courtesy, adjunct faculty, visitors and volunteers) must be knowledgeable of and comply with laws and regulations related to their duties or field of study as determined by the Chief Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee.
Mandatory compliance training is required of UNMC staff and students. All UNMC invited visitors on campus for seven (7) or greater days must complete all mandatory compliance training required of UNMC staff and students. It is the individual's responsibility to complete the compliance training requirements at httphttps://www.unmc.edu/academicaffairs/compliance/training-requirements/index.html. Failure to complete the training requirements will be grounds for corrective action up to and including dismissal or termination of employment. Delinquency notices will be sent according to the guidelines below:
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