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Compliance Program

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*chair the Compliance Committee.
===Compliance Committee===
The Compliance Committee assists the Chief Compliance Officer with the above duties and helps manage the Compliance Program. The Compliance Committee shall seek to leverage the compliance efforts of each area and avoid duplication of effort. The Compliance Committee shall analyze UNMC’s key risk areas, and monitor and promote compliance. The Compliance Committee shall oversee and monitor department response to identified risks as identified by the Chancellor 's Risk Assessment as well as data generated through monitoring and individual reporting.
The Compliance Committee shall meet no less than quarterly. The Compliance Committee shall be composed of at least the following representatives who shall be responsible for the overseeing compliance and assist the Chief Compliance Officer with managing the Compliance Program:
| Human Resources || [ Human Resources]
| Internal Audit || [ University of Nebraska Internal Audit Charter and UNMC Internal Audit and Advisory Services Webpage]
| Student Success || [ Student Success], [ UNMC CourseLeaf Catalog] [ Compliance Matrix], [ FERPA Information]

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