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== '''Proctor Responsibilities:''' ==
== '''Proctor Responsibilities:''' ==
The Proctor will:
# Ensure that the computer the student will be using for the test has the most current version of Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. It is best if the computer being used for the test is not the student’s own computer.
# Check a photo ID prior to the test if not familiar with the student.
# Remove the student’s cell phone, PDA, backpack, purse and hat during the testing period.
# Once the student has accessed Blackboard, enter the password without sharing the password with the student. If the security of the password has been breached, the proctor will notify the course coordinator and/or the testing coordinator immediately.
# Confirm that the test is the correct test.
# Make sure the student has a blank answer sheet to record item answers during the test. If requested by the student, provide a blank piece of paper for the student to use for “scratch” paper during the test.
# Adhere to the time limits for the test.
# Supervise the testing environment; the student should not leave the testing room unless there is an emergency.
# Verify that the test questions are not reproduced or retained in any form when the student has completed the test.
# Collect completed answer sheets and any “scratch paper” from the student. If the student’s test is lost, proctors will mail the answer sheet to the instructor for grading purposes. When the course is completed, any retained answer sheets may be destroyed.
# Ensure that the student has logged out of the computer when the test is completed.

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