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Medical Surveillance

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Supplemental Information
Each person included as a part of the Medical Surveillance Program will have a confidential medical record including documentation of immunizations and other medical services received through the program. These records will be maintained in Employee Health. Only immunization/test dates and information pertinent to job exposures, job functions, or risk will be provided to the employee's supervisor. <br /><br />
== Supplemental Information ==
Table 1. [http://info.unmc.edu/safety/PDF/Table1RequiredMedicalExaminationbyJob.pdf Required Medical Examination by Job] Table 2. [http://info.unmc.edu/safety/PDF/Table2MedicalExaminations.pdf Medical Examinations - specific examination parameters] <br /><br />
For additional information, see the [http://info.unmc.edu/safety/ Safety] website, contact the [http://mailto:jhauser@unmc.edu Safety Manager] (402-559-7315), or see [http://info.unmc.edu/safety/Table1RequiredMedicalExaminationbyJob.pdf Table 1] and [http://info.unmc.edu/safety/Table2MedicalExaminations.pdf Table 2].<br />
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