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Waste Handling

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Biohazard waste is composed of two broad categories to include sharps and nonsharps, and can be further subdivided by type. See the definitions outlined in [ Attachment I] for further details.<br />
<br />
Biohazard waste is handled by Environmental Services (ESEVS) and is disposed through a licensed biohazard waste contractor. Final disposition of biohazardous waste is in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations and applies a process which renders the biohazard waste non-infectious. For further questions, please contact UNMC Safety Office.<br />
<br />
Biohazard waste, except for sharps, shall be contained in disposable plastic bags or containers that are tear-resistant, leak-proof, and secured to prevent leakage or expulsion of solid or liquid waste during storage, handling or transport.
#Recyclable material containing confidential information is safeguarded from the time of generation through destruction. For guidelines on the proper destruction of confidential materials in the hospital, see IM.14, and UNMC Policy No. 6056, [ Retention and Destruction/Disposal of Private and Confidential Information]. All paper waste, including medical and personal information is considered confidential waste.
#The recycling program at UNMC must comply with the federal requirement, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), that all personal health information (PHI) be protected from the time it is created to the time it is destroyed.
#The Environmental Services is responsible for the securing, transporting, and storage of confidential materials from internal customer departments. All paper in the blue containers marked specifically for recycling is considered confidential in the recycling process. This confidential waste is to be secured in locked containers provided by the vendor and locked containers should not be tampered with by unauthorized personnel. Environmental Services EVS will be the keepers of the keys for unlocking these containers and will have access to the contents of the containers through keys signed in and out daily in compliance with the Environmental Services Key Control Policy.#Environmental Services (EVS) picks up recyclables from departments as needed, on a schedule agreed between the department and EVS. Recyclables are removed from campus Monday thru Friday.
==General Waste==
General waste is anything which does not fit into other waste categories and is transported and disposed via a contracted service using normal waste handling methods.
#**Verbally indicated by the customer, to Environmental Services management or staff, that the item(s) is trash and may be disposed.
#*The following will not be disposed of by Environmental Services:
#**Items placed next to or near a trash can without contacting ES EVS office.
#**Items marked with a sign as “Trash”, unless request has been submitted to the ES office.
#**EVS employees should abstain from discarding items perceived as trash. Items should be in a waste receptacle or designated as trash by your leader, manager or at the direction of office.

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