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CON Division Assistant Deans

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Resources and Information:
====Resources and Information:====
<p style="margin-bottom:15px; max-width:70em !important;">Division Assistant Deans propose an annual budget and manage the budget of the Division in collaboration with the Assistant Dean for Administration, judiciously utilizing resources for the good of the Division and the College and creating an environment of financial stewardship among faculty and staff. They are responsible for the oversight of the building facility and assignment of classrooms, assuring adequate and appropriately maintained space. They lend general oversight with the faculty, the appropriate academic Program Director, community agencies, and if needed the Associate Dean for Academic Programs in identifying appropriate clinical sites to meet educational standards and objectives, in making the most judicious use of these sites, and in maintaining current clinical agency contracts and good public relations. They have administrative responsibility for the staffing and functioning of the Learning Resource Center and for faculty use of other learning technologies. Division Assistant Deans prepare reports as requested.</p>
====Appointment Requirements:====
<p style="margin-bottom:15px; max-width:70em !important;">Division Assistant Deans must have a doctoral degree in nursing or a related field and a graduate degree with a major in nursing. In addition, they should have experience and demonstrate skill in administration, interpersonal relations, teaching and curriculum development, and have demonstrated scholarly activity. Division Assistant Deans must be registered to practice nursing in Nebraska and demonstrate professional leadership activity in professional organizations. Terms of employment are in keeping with current University of Nebraska policy.</p>

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