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For more detailed information, see
* Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security Procedures
* [http Information Security Plan]
* UNMC Policy No. 6056, Retention and Destruction/Disposal of Private and Confidential Information
Individuals who know or suspect that confidentiality has been breached by another person or persons have a responsibility to report the breach to Financial Controls and Compliance or to the Human Resources Employee Relations Department. Employees should not confront the individual under suspicion or initiate investigations on their own, as such actions could compromise any ensuing investigation. All individuals are to cooperate fully with those performing an investigation pursuant to this policy.
New hires and volunteers and first year students shall read this policy and sign the Statement of Understanding. Thereafter, all members of the workforce shall sign the agreement annually. The agreement is also available online through UNMC's Employee Self Service (ESS). The original document should be maintained in the department staff/faculty/student/volunteer file if completed manually and retained for six years.
== Definitions ==

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