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'''Information technology''' resources include voice, video, data and network facilities and services and are intended for use in completing UNMC’s mission. Their use is governed by Executive Memorandum No. 16, Executive Memorandum No. 26, Information Security Plan, all applicable UNMC policies (see especially Policy No. 6051, Computer Use and Information Security), Information Technology Services policies and procedures and applicable federal, state and local laws.
'''Job Shadowing''' is an opportunity for an individual, age 16 and older, to observe and learn aspects about the world of work in a health care setting. The experience permits the program participant to gain an understanding of a typical day for an employee, and the skills necessary to complete the work required. The job shadow program is designed to promote the health care professions while safeguarding patients’ privacy. Participants in the job shadowing program are considered UNMC workforce and are subject to this policy and related [ procedures].
'''Privacy''' is defined as the right of individuals to keep information about themselves from being disclosed.
For more information, contact the Privacy or Information Security Officers, or see the following resources:
* [ Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security Procedures]
* [ Job Shadowing]
* [ Information Security Plan]
* [ HIPAA Compliance Plan]

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