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<p style="max-width:70em !important;">text here</p>
<table width="100%" style="max-width:70em !important;">
<tr><td align="center">'''PROJECT AWARD'''</td></tr>
<!-- <tr><td align="center">&nbsp;</td></tr> -->
<tr><td align="center">'''Awards selected based on available funds.'''</td></tr>
<p style="max-width:70em !important;">To qualify for this award the applicant(s) must:</p>
<ul style="max-width:67em !important; margin-left:3em;">
<li>be practicing faculty within the College of Nursing who has a contract with the Morehead Center for Nursing Practice. </li>
<li>have a current RN license</li>
<li>• complete the necessary application and project proposal as directed</li>
<p style="max-width:70em !important;">The Faculty Practice Committee of the UNMC College of Nursing will review all applications and award the funds. The award range will be between $500 and $1000.</p>
<p style="max-width:70em !important;">Applications and proposals must be received electronically by:</p>
<p style="max-width:70em !important; margin-left:3em;">
Fall: September 1<br />
Spring: January 1<br />
&#42; By special request – This requires a full application and presentation at a Faculty Practice Committee Meeting.  The applicant should contact the committee chair to get on the agenda and have all documentation ready for the meeting.</p>

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