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Policy No.: '''6045'''<br />
Effective Date: '''11/21/03'''<br />
Revised Date: '''08/20/07DRAFT'''<br />
Reviewed Date: '''DRAFT'''<br />
<br />
*Employee records refers to all information, records and documents pertaining to any person who is an applicant or nominee for any University personnel position described in the Board of Regents Bylaws, § 3.1, regardless of whether any such person is ever actually employed by the University, and all information, records and documents pertaining to any person employed by the University.
*Student education records means any information recorded in any way which directly relates to a student and is maintained by or on behalf of UNMC (education agency/institution). Student education record does not include a (i) sole possession record, (ii) law enforcement record, (iii) employee record of a person other than a student who is employed by UNMC by virtue of his or her status as a student at UNMC, (iv) alumni record and (v) medical record that is part of the common medical record shared by the Affiliated Covered Entity. Student education records are covered by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
==Additional Information==
<br />For more information, contact * Contact the Privacy or [ Information Security ] Officers, or see the following resources: * [http Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security Procedures]
* [ Job Shadowing Procedures]
* [ Information Security Plan]
* [ HIPAA Compliance Plan]
* [ Telehealth Procedures]
* [ Privacy Incident Response and Breach Notification Procedures]
* [ UNMC Faculty Handbook: Operating Procedures]
* [ UNMC Student Handbook: Academic Policies]
* [ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996] (HIPAA)
* [ Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act] (GLBA)
* [ Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act] (FERPA)
* Nebraska Free Flow of Information Act (§ 20-144, 20-145, 20-146, 20-1471470
* Nebraska Rev. Statutes § 84-712, 84-712.01, 84-712.02, 84-712.03, 84-712.04, 84-712.05, 84-712.06, 84-712.07, 84-712.08, 84-712.09
* [ Board of Regents Bylaws]* [ Board of Regents and Policies]
* [ Executive Memorandum No. 16, Responsible Use of Information Resources, Technology and Networks]
* [ Executive Memorandum No. 22, Public Record Requests]
* [ UNMC Privacy and Information Security Policies]
* [ UNMC Policy No. 6036, Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials Policy]
* [ UNMC Policy No. 6052, Contract or Agreement for Student Training Policy]* [ UNMC Faculty Handbook]* [ UNMC Student Handbook]: Academic Policies* [ UNMC Human Resources Procedures]* [ Clinical Research Center Guidebook]* Eppley Cancer Center Scientific Review Committee Policies and Procedures
* [ University of Nebraska Residency Program Policies and Procedures]
* [http Sponsored Programs Administration Policies and Proceduresabout/research-handbook-web.pdf Research Handbook]
* [ Institutional Review Board Guidelines]
* [ Information Technology Services Procedures]

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