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*Editing, authenticating and correcting the medical record.
:*Please reference, Nebraska Medicine Contents of the Medical Record policy for editing and authenticating the medical record.
*Business Associate agreements/addenda shall be established with any individual or corporation who performs a function on behalf of UNMC involving the use or disclosure of PHI, other than as a member of the workforce or a healthcare provider providing treatment (see UNMC Policy No. 8009, [[Contracts policy]]).
*Human Subjects Research shall be conducted in accordance with Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Policies and Procedures, including HRPP Policy 3.4, Use of Protected Health Information in Research and Registries and Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information policy.
*Retention of the designated record set and other protected health information shall be in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, and regulatory association guidelines. Documents required to demonstrate HIPAA compliance shall be retained for a period of six years.
*Exhibit C - [ Use of Employee Social Security Number Exception]
*[ UNMC Privacy and Information Security Policies]
*[ UNMC Policy No. 80006036, Compliance Program]*[ UNMC Policy No. 6036, Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials Policy]*UNMC Policy No. 6052, [ UNMC Policy No. 6052, Contract or Agreement for Student Training Policy]*UNMC Policy No. 8000, [[Compliance Program]]*UNMC Policy No. 8009, [[Contracts]]
*[ UNMC Human Resources Procedures]
*[ Job Shadowing Procedures]

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