Use of Personnel/Students and Facilities for Research

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Use of Personnel/Students and Facilities for Research Subsection: 6.2.4
Section 6.0 - Facilities and Resources Originating Date: August 1991
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Nursing Research Committee

Final Approving Agency:
General Faculty Organization
Revised: August 1998
Revised: September 2004
Revised: September 2008
Reviewed: November 2012
Revised: May 2015
Revised: October 2023


Establishes the criteria for reviewing requests and granting approval for access to personnel, students, and facilities for research.


This policy applies to internal and external research requests.


  1. All requests to conduct research using personnel, students, or facilities of the College of Nursing require administrative approval. Requests must be routed to the Associate Dean for Research. The final decision on both internal and external requests rests with the Associate Dean for Research.
  2. To receive approval, the requestor must provide:
    1. A 1-page abstract indicating the research question(s), methods, subjects, and project timeline.
    2. Evidence of IRB or other Office of Regulatory Affairs review from the principal investigator’s academic institution.
    3. Requests from UNMC faculty and students must include notice of approval from their respective campus Assistant or Associate Dean.

The Associate Dean for Research will review and grant approval for resources according to the following criteria:

  1. Requests do not put personnel or the college at-risk for liability.
  2. Individual personnel and student participation is voluntary.
  3. Individual personnel and student names will not be released publicly.
  4. For projects with students as participants, the frequency of surveys or other types of research is not deemed excessive.
  5. Class time should not be used to collect survey data unrelated to course objectives.