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Undergraduate Grading System Subsection: 5.2.16
Section 5.0 - Students Originating Date: November, 1971
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Admission, Progression, Graduation and Scholarship/Grant Committee
Revised: May, 1994
Revised: October, 2001
Revised: October, 2004
Revised: December, 2008
Revised: May, 2010
Revised: October, 2012
Revised: January, 2013
Revised: May, 2013
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  1. For theory nursing courses, the following criteria apply:
    The percentage system used to award grades within the College of Nursing is the following:

    A+   98-100   D+   68-69
    A   93-97   D   63-67
    A-   90-92   D-   60-62
    B+   88-89   F   below 60
    B   83-87        
    B-   80-82        
    C+   78-79        
    C   73-77        
    C-   70-72        

    Quality points are calculated according to the following system:

    Grade   Quality Points   Grade   Quality Points
    A+ & A   4.0   C   2.00
    A-   3.67   C-   1.67
    B+   3.33   D+   1.33
    B   3.00   D   1.00
    B-   2.67   D-   0.67
    C+   2.33   F   0.00

    Grades of C or above are considered to be passing grades in the College of Nursing. Students must maintain a cumulative University of Nebraska average of 2.000 GPA in order to remain in good standing.

  2. For clinical courses, the following criteria apply: The faculty will assign the student’s grade by evaluating the student’s performance according to the critical clinical behaviors for each course.

    A student who faculty deems is unprepared or unsafe will be required to leave the clinical setting and enter into a remediation plan until they are deemed prepared to return to the clinical setting.

    The student may be removed for a short duration or the rest of the semester. A student not able to return and to complete the critical clinical behaviors before the end of the semester will receive a fail for the clinical course.
  3. The grade of "Incomplete" is awarded according to guidelines set forth in Policy 5.1.9.
  4. For courses in which theory and clinical are combined, clinical laboratory performance is rated on a Pass/Fail basis. A rating of "Fail" in clinical laboratory performance results in a "D" in the course unless the theory grade is an "F." If the clinical laboratory performance is "Pass" the grade awarded for the course will be based upon the theory grade.
  5. For courses with only a clinical component, clinical laboratory performance is rated on a Pass/Fail basis. A rating of “Pass” in clinical performance results in a “P” in the course. A rating of “Fail” in clinical laboratory performance results in an “F” in the course.
  6. Withdrew or Incomplete grades are indicated as follows:

    W -   Withdrew within 1st eight weeks of class. After the 1st eight weeks the instructor must assign a WP or WF grade for students withdrawing.
    WP -   Withdrew passing.
    WF -   Withdrew failing.
    WX -   Administrative withdrawal.
    I -   Incomplete. (Grade average is not affected until the incomplete has been removed. Students have one semester to remove the Incomplete grade or the “I” reverts to an “F.” Refer to current Student Policy Manual for additional guidelines regarding incomplete grades.)

    Grades of W, WP, WF, WX, and P are not assigned grade points and therefore are not used in computation of a student's cumulative GPA.

  7. In courses or clinical components that run for less than 15 weeks, students who withdraw after more than half of the course or clinical has been completed will be assigned one of the following grades:

    WP = Passing
    WF = Failing