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Dean Position Description Subsection: 3.2.1
Section 3.0 - Position Descriptions Originating Date: June 1970
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: March 1998
Revised: January 2015


The dean is the administrative officer of the College of Nursing and is directly responsible to the Chancellor of the Medical Center. The dean is responsible for providing the leadership in planning, organizing, and securing necessary resources to accomplish the goals and objectives of the College of Nursing and those of the University that apply to the College of Nursing. The dean is a member of the campus leadership team and works with the deans and directors of UNMC in strategic planning and implementation of campus priorities.


The dean is responsible for providing overall leadership in planning, directing, and evaluating educational programs of the College of Nursing. The dean delegates to the associate deans, assistant deans, and the faculty, the authority for curriculum planning, implementation and evaluation in the respective programs. The dean may participate in teaching courses or advising students in research.


The dean, the associate deans, and assistant deans, are responsible for recruiting and developing faculty and supporting governance. The dean makes recommendations in consultation with associate and assistant deans to the Office of the Chancellor regarding the appointment, promotion, and compensation of members of the College of Nursing faculty and staff. The dean considers recommendations from the Promotion and Tenure committee.


The dean delegates to the associate deans, assistant deans, and the faculty, the authority to make decisions regarding admission, progression and graduation policies. The dean in consultation with the Executive Council determines the number of students to be admitted and approves faculty admission recommendations for the undergraduate program. The dean consults with the associate and assistant deans regarding student issues and is accessible to students as necessary.


The dean collaborates with the associate deans, assistant deans, and directors to prepare and administer the overall budget of the College of Nursing. The dean has the authority to approve all college expenditures.

Public and Professional Relations

The dean represents the college at official university functions and to the external community, the state, and national officials and organizations. The dean is active in professional and community activities, assuming leadership as appropriate in nursing organizations and committees.

Committee Responsibilities

The dean serves as chairperson of the Executive Council. The dean is an ex-officio member of all committees of the College of Nursing.

Appointment Requirements

The dean must hold a master’s degree in nursing and an earned doctorate in nursing or a related field. In addition, the dean must have broad professional experience with demonstrated skill in nursing administration, teaching, research and professional service. The dean should have experience in undergraduate and graduate nursing education. The appointment is at the rank of professor. The dean must be registered to practice nursing in Nebraska, demonstrate professional leadership activity in professional organizations, and must meet guidelines for graduate faculty fellow. Terms of employment are in keeping with current University of Nebraska policy.