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Associate Dean for Research Position Description Subsection: 3.2.4
Section 3.0 - Position Description Originating Date: September, 1986
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: February, 2008
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General Position Description:

The Associate Dean for Research is the senior research leadership position in the College of Nursing and represents the College on the Medical Center Campus and within the University in matters pertaining to research. The Associate Dean for Research is responsible directly to the Dean of the College of Nursing. General areas of responsibility include: research development, administration of the Niedfelt Nursing Research Center (NNRC), public and professional relations with respect to research, and teaching as assigned. As a member of the faculty assigned to a department, s/he participates in the tripartite faculty role of teaching, research and service.


The primary function of the Associate Dean for Research is to lead the research mission of the College and serve as facilitator of research development for faculty of the College of Nursing. S/he works collaboratively with Department Chairs and Division Deans in this process. S/he provides consultation, information, and assistance to individual faculty in all stages of the research process from idea generation to implementation of the project to writing the final report. S/he implements and assists others (e.g., research investigators and research committees) in implementation and evaluation of formal offerings designed for faculty research development. As a role model in this position, it is expected that the Associate Dean for Research will maintain a research program which has external funding and results in scholarly publications and national presentations.

Administrator of Research Center:

The Associate Dean for Research is responsible for the general administration of the NNRC, which includes managing the budget and coordinating and setting priorities for the work of all staff. S/he has responsibility for recruiting, retaining and evaluating NNRC staff. In addition, the Associate Dean for Research seeks new and more efficient ways to facilitate faculty research productivity e.g., scheduling research grant application reviews; providing information to faculty about opportunities for funding. As delegated by the Dean, s/he is responsible for review of grants and approval of budgets of research grant proposals submitted for external funding. S/he is responsible for approval of budgets for all other non-research proposals (e.g., training grants) submitted for external funding. S/he, in coordination with the Assistant Dean for Administration, facilitates research space assignment. S/he is responsible for expansion of infrastructure to support research efforts, data management and analytic processing.

Public and Professional Relations:

The Associate Dean for Research represents the College’s research to the community, state and nation through participating in nursing research organizations and other groups related to nursing research. S/he also communicates research activities within the College and the Medical Center through various media as appropriate.

Appointment Requirements:

The Associate Dean for Research must be a doctorally prepared researcher with documented skill in research, including research projects that have received major funding. S/he must have excellent interpersonal skills, an ability to guide others in their research, and have scholarly publications in refereed research journals. The Associate Dean for Research must demonstrate professional leadership activity in professional organizations and must meet guidelines for Graduate Faculty status. Academic rank is dependent upon qualifications. Terms of employment are in keeping with University of Nebraska policy.