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Syllabus Templates Subsection: Appendix X
Appendix - Appendices Originating Date: May 2015
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Professional Graduate Nursing Affairs Committee
PhD Affairs Council
Revised: May 2016
Revised: May 2017
Reference: Policy 4.3.3

Per College of Nursing Policy 4.3.3, each course must have a syllabus and follow the template in Undergraduate Syllabus Template, Professional Graduate Syllabus Template or PhD Syllabus Template. In addition, a course may have an addendum to the syllabus. The purpose of the addendum is to provide additional, supplemental materials that are specific for the course and/or division if needed. The template for the addendum is included in the appendix.

Undergraduate course syllabi must follow the template in Undergraduate Syllabus Template.

Professional graduate course syllabi must follow the template in Professional Graduate Syllabus Template.

PhD course syllabi must follow the template in PhD Syllabus Template.