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Undergraduate Academic Probation, Dismissal, Withdrawal Policy Subsection: 5.2.23
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: November 1971
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Admission, Progression, Graduation and Scholarship/Grant Committee
Revised: April 1998
Revised: April 1999
Revised: November 2001
Revised: February 2008
Reviewed: November 2012
Revised: November 2014
Revised: February 2015
Revised: July 2015


  1. Academic Probation:
    1. A student whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.33 will be placed on academic probation for the succeeding term.
    2. A student who receives a failing grade in a total of two different courses in the nursing major will be placed on academic probation. The terms of the probation will be determined on a case by case basis by the Program Director and Assistant Dean based on evaluation of the student’s academic record.
  2. Repeating Undergraduate Nursing Courses: A student who receives a final grade of less than 78% in a required course in the nursing major may repeat the course one time. A student may only be enrolled twice in any required nursing course. For example, if a student withdraws from a course, this counts as one enrollment. In the event that a student encounters a documented significant life event, he or she may request an exception from the campus assistant dean and the program director for that specific enrollment counting toward total number of times enrolled.
  3. Academic Dismissal: A student will be dismissed from the College of Nursing when the student:
    1. Does not raise the cumulative grade point average to a 2.33 by the end of the academic probation period, or
    2. Receives a grade of less than 78% in the same nursing course twice or receives a grade of less than 78% in three different required nursing courses in the nursing major. This includes all courses in the nursing major in which the student was unsuccessful the first time and repeated and received a passing grade.
  4. Readmission After Academic Dismissal: Students who are academically dismissed from the Undergraduate Program of the College of Nursing are not eligible for readmission to any College of Nursing Undergraduate program.
  5. Withdrawal: Failure to officially withdraw may result in grades being recorded as failures.


  1. The student must notify in writing of their intent to withdraw, to the Director of Undergraduate Programs and Student Services Coordinator at the campus of attendance to complete the Change of Status form.
  2. Students should contact the Student Services Coordinator at the campus of registration for specific procedures.

* Nursing major includes all courses with a nursing number.