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Undergraduate Academic Probation, Dismissal, Withdrawal Policy Subsection: 5.2.23
Section 5.0 - Student Policies Originating Date: November 1971
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Undergraduate Admission, Progression, Graduation and Scholarship/Grant Committee

Approving Agency:
General Faculty Organization

Related Documents:
Policy 5.2.18 Undergraduate Progression Policy
Policy 5.2.28 Undergraduate Readmission/Reinstatement Policy
Policy 5.2.36 Undergraduate Professional Performance
University Student Code of Conduct
Appendix L Template for Faculty letters regarding student readmission
Revised: April 1998
Revised: April 1999
Revised: November 2001
Revised: February 2008
Reviewed: November 2012
Revised: November 2014
Revised: February 2015
Revised: July 2015
Revised: May 2018
Revised: February 2020
Revised: September 2021


  1. Academic Readmission/Reinstatement of Student in Good Standing. If the educational progression of a student in good standing is interrupted at the College of Nursing for any reason other than active military duty, for longer than two academic terms, the student must reapply to the College of Nursing. The student may be reinstated as space permits on each individual campus. In the event a nursing course needed by the student is not available during the two academic terms, a student need not reapply before taking the course the next time it is offered. The student will be allowed in the nursing course as space permits.
  2. Academic Probation:
    1. A student whose cumulative grade point average falls below 2.33 will be placed on academic probation for the succeeding term.
  3. Repeating Undergraduate Nursing Courses:
    1. A student who receives a final grade of less than 78.0% in a required course in the nursing major may repeat the course one time.
    2. A student may only be enrolled twice in any required nursing course. For example, if a student withdraws from a course, this counts as one enrollment. In the event that a student encounters a documented significant life event, he or she may request an exception from the campus assistant dean and the program director for that specific enrollment counting toward total number of times enrolled. Appropriate documentation submitted must be original documents. Copies will be made and the originals returned to the student.
    3. Students who fail either the classroom or clinical component of the Patient-Centered Care series must repeat both courses when retaking the failed course, as indicated in Policy 5.2.18.
  4. Academic Dismissal: A student will be dismissed from the College of Nursing when the student:
    1. Does not raise the cumulative grade point average to a 2.33 by the end of the academic probation period, or
    2. Receives a grade of less than 78.0% in the same nursing course twice or receives a grade of less than 78.0% in three or more different required nursing courses in the nursing major. This includes all courses in the nursing major in which the student was unsuccessful the first time and repeated and received a passing grade.
    3. Chooses to withdraw at any time in the semester from three or more courses in that semester, unrelated to leave of absence or change of study.
    4. Students who have been dismissed from the college for violations of Policy 5.2.36 Undergraduate Professional Performance are not eligible for readmission to any undergraduate UNMC College of Nursing program.
  5. Readmission After Withdrawal or Academic Dismissal: Students who withdraw from the program or are academically dismissed from the Undergraduate Program of the College of Nursing may reapply one time for admission. The timeline for admission to the program is based on space availability.

    Students who are reapplying will need to:
    1. Wait a full Fall or Spring term before any possible readmission/ enrollment to any college of nursing courses/ program to include unclassified status.
    2. Complete a readmission application 45 university days prior to the start of the semester in which there is consideration for readmission/ enrollment.
    3. Submit a letter of reference from two previous course and/or clinical nursing faculty that address:
      1. Student’s engagement in learning opportunities
      2. Student’s application of critical thinking skills
      3. Student’s overall academic performance
      4. Student’s professional behavior
      5. Student’s willingness to follow faculty guidance for success
    4. Participate in a faculty interview if requested by faculty.
    5. Expect that additional coursework may be required, including coursework in which the student was previously successful.
    6. Provide a written personal statement and supporting documentation (which may include letters from providers indicating the student’s health will not interfere with the student’s ability to meet program expectations) that indicate what measures the student has taken to resolve the issue(s) that led to the academic difficulties. Included in this statement should be the plan the student has in place to support their own academic success if readmitted to the program. All documentation provided must be original documents and submitted to the Student Services Coordinator on the campus to which the student is applying. Copies will be made and the originals returned to the student.

    As with all admission applications, all decisions of the committee relative to readmission are final.
  6. Readmitted students who achieve less than a 78.0% exam average or final grade in a course will be dismissed and are not eligible for readmission to any undergraduate UNMC College of Nursing program.
  7. Withdrawal: Failure to officially withdraw may result in grades being recorded as failures.



  1. Readmission applications will be provided to a three faculty subgroup of the Admissions Committee, with no members of the subgroup from the campus on which the student was originally enrolled. Submit a readmission application 45 university days prior to the start of the semester.
  2. The subcommittee will review all application materials and may choose to conduct an interview with the applicant.
  3. The subgroup will request input from additional faculty on the related campus as required.
  4. The subcommittee will develop a recommended plan of study utilizing input from faculty, student services, program directors and information from the student’s application/application process.
  5. The subcommittee will present the student case and the subcommittee recommendation for the specific student under consideration to the Admissions Committee at their next regularly scheduled meeting.
  6. The decision to approve or deny readmission will come as a majority vote from the Admissions committee.
  7. The student will be notified of the final decision by the Admissions committee via electronic notification via university email or personal email noted in MY RECORDS or written notification letter sent to their permanent address within 20 university days of the Admission committee meeting.


  1. The student must provide written notification of their intention to withdraw to the Director of Undergraduate Programs and Student Services Coordinator at the campus of attendance to complete the Change of Status form.
  2. Students should contact the Student Services Coordinator at the campus of registration for specific procedures.