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REVISED DATE: 09/26/07



The purpose of the UNMC Compliance Hotline (1-866-568-5430) is to provide an additional communication channel for employees and students to report any activity or conduct that they suspect violates University of Nebraska or UNMC policies and procedures, and/or federal, state or local laws and regulations. Concerns received through the compliance hotline will be investigated and appropriate follow-up actions taken.

Reporting Concerns

Employees and students who have compliance-related questions or concerns are encouraged to share them as soon as possible so an appropriate action can be taken. Multiple communication channels are available for employees and students to ask questions and report concerns. While employees and students are encouraged to obtain guidance or share concerns with their supervisors first, they may use any of the following communication channels:

  • Discuss the issue with supervisory personnel or a faculty advisor (students).
  • Contact the department that has subject matter expertise in the area of concern.
  • Contact the Human Resources Department for human resources issues.
  • Contact the Compliance Office at 559-6767.
  • Call the UNMC Compliance Hotline at 1-866-568-5430.
  • Call the Nebraska Ombudsman’s office at 1-800-742-7690. For additional information see

Compliance Hotline Calls

  • The Compliance Hotline is operated by a third party organization hired to collect and document information provided on the call. It operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Compliance Hotline phone number is 1-866-568-5430.
  • A pre-recorded message will precede the operator answering the call to inform the caller that: (1) calls are not recorded and no attempt is made to identify caller number or location; (2) UNMC’s policy prohibits retribution or retaliation for providing information; and (3) the caller may remain anonymous if desired.
  • The hotline operator will: greet the caller and thank him/her for calling; ask if the caller understood the message, answer any questions the caller may have; and reinforce that the caller does not need to identify him/herself. The operator will ask questions based on the nature of each call to elicit the most complete information about each issue as possible, schedule any follow-up phone calls which may need to occur, notify the caller that the status of actions taken may not be available to the caller, invite him/her to phone the hotline if he/she believes the problem has not been addressed or wishes to further discuss the situation, and thank him/her for calling.
  • The hotline company will generate a report to the Compliance Officer.

Confidentiality/Good Faith Reports

UNMC shall attempt to maintain the confidentiality of an individual who reports concerns or misconduct upon request. However, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, and disclosure of the individual's identity may be necessary in order to fully investigate the concern. There is no retribution or discipline for anyone who reports a concern in good faith. Individuals shall not intentionally use the hotline to make false allegations.

Compliance with Standards

All UNMC staff and students are expected to understand and follow regulations and policies applicable to their responsibilities. Staff and students are encouraged to report compliance concerns to maintain the integrity of UNMC’s education, research, patient care and outreach mission.

For additional information, contact the Compliance Officer, 559-6767.

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