Privacy/Information Security

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Identification Card

Secure Area Card Access

Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of Patient and Proprietary Information

Job Shadowing Procedures

Computer Use/Electronic Information

Retention and Destruction/Disposal of Private and Confidential Information

Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information

Notice of Privacy Practices

Access to Designated Record Set

Accounting of PHI Disclosures

Patient/Consumer Complaints


Fax Transmissions

Psychotherapy Notes

Facility Security

Conditions of Treatment Form

Informed Consent for UNMC Media

Informed Consent for UNMC Media Production and Distribution Procedures

Transporting Protected Health Information

Honest Broker

Social Security Number

Third Party Registry

Information Security Awareness and Training

Patient Privacy Investigations and Levels of Violation

Use and Disclosure of PHI for Training Health Care Professionals

Disclosures of PHI as Permitted or Required by Law

Disclosure of PHI for Law Enforcement Purposes