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Policy No.: 6009
Effective Date: 03/17/03
Revised Date: 11/29/16
Reviewed Date:11/29/16

Secure Area Card Access Control Policy

Basis for Policy

UNMC has designated areas where limited, independent access/egress (exit) is necessary to provide security and safety for employees, faculty, students, patients, visitors, and staff. Various means will be utilized to help control access/egress to these secured areas. These include card access, alarms, and other means of securing the area.


Designated Access Control Representatives (ACRs) will have final authority to authorize independent card access and access locations for their department(s).

Criteria for authorizing independent access shall include but not be limited to:

  • The secured area is the staff’s designated primary work area (includes department employees and may include physicians and other health care providers designated by the department ACR)
  • Staff who need to access the secured area for patient care emergencies and no staff is available to give them access
  • Designated Security personnel

Access to a secured area will be authorized based on necessity and not convenience.

Visitors, staff and health care providers without proper identification may be asked to sign in and out before they enter and exit a secured area with controlled access.

Any secured area with controlled access should have staff available to permit access/egress or a means shall be available to allow access.

The UNMC Identification and Access Control Office administers the access control system in coordination with UNMC Facilities Management and Planning and UNMC Campus Security.

Additional Information

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