Grant Equipment Policy

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Grant Equipment Policy Subsection: 6.2.3
Section 6.0 - Facilities and Resources Originating Date: April 1996
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Executive Council
Revised: August 1998
Revised: February 2008
Revised: March 2015


  1. Purchase of Equipment
    1. The College of Nursing follows all UNMC (Policy 5000), University of Nebraska and State guidelines regarding the purchase of equipment.
    2. All equipment purchased on a grant, on which the Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD) is a faculty member in the College of Nursing, is the property of the College.
    3. The PI/PD initiates the purchase of research equipment through the Administrator in the Niedfelt Nursing Research Center (NNRC). The Workstation Specialists must be consulted about the purchase of computer equipment and must authorize and place into inventory all such hardware and software. Instructional equipment needs should be reviewed by the appropriate Learning Resource Center Coordinator.
    4. For purchase of equipment over $150,000, a competitive bidding process managed by the UNMC Purchasing Department must take place.
    5. The NNRC Administrator maintains an inventory of all grant related equipment. The Workstation Specialists also maintain an inventory of computer equipment. In addition, the PI or PD of a grant should also maintain a separate inventory.
    6. Equipment costing $5,000 or more will be marked by UNMC Inventory Control with a standard asset identification tag. Computer equipment over $100 and less than $5,000 will be marked with the appropriate CON asset identification tag by the Workstation Specialists.
  2. Maintenance of Equipment
    1. Service contracts and/or other maintenance expenses for equipment purchased on a grant are charged to the grant. Upon termination of a grant, ongoing maintenance may be dropped, charged to a CON maintenance account or may be covered by NNRC, Learning Resource Center or Division funds. Authorization for charges to these funds must be pre-approved by the individual accountable for the budget to be charged.
    2. Computer equipment is to be inventoried and updated on a yearly basis. Equipment used off-campus and equipment on loan must be brought into one of the divisions on a yearly basis for this purpose.
  3. Disposition of Equipment After Termination of the Grant Period

    After a grant has ended, equipment purchased by the grant becomes part of the general CON pool unless it is actively being used by the PI, PD or their designee for a CON related purpose or unless negotiated otherwise with the CON Director, Administration & Operations. Once placed into the general pool, the PI/PD will have priority for subsequent use of that equipment for six months.

  4. Disposition of Equipment for Faculty Leaving CON

    When a faculty member who is or has been a PI/PD leaves the CON, equipment purchased by their grant remains with the College unless negotiated otherwise with the CON Director, Administration & Operations. Active investigators must request the transfer of essential research equipment to a new institution. University of Nebraska Policy will be followed with regard to this process. (Accounting Information Manual – Section I). A section on the disposition of grant purchased equipment is also part of CON Exit Procedures (UNMC Policy 1006).

  5. General Use Equipment

    General use equipment also becomes part of the College pool. It is to be inventoried and available for use by request to the Office Associate in the Dean’s Office.