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Policy No.: 1005
Effective Date: 10/17/03
Revised Date: 04/12/19
Reviewed Date: 04/12/19

Work Schedules Policy


1.1 Includes Work Scheduling; Overtime and Compensatory Time for Hourly Paid Employees; Shift Differential for Hourly Paid Employees; Flextime; Alternate Work Sites; Essential Activity Condition; and Severely Inclement Weather


2.1 The UNMC Work Schedules policy is applicable to all UNMC Office/Service and Managerial/Professional employees.

Basis of the Policy

3.1 University of Nebraska Central Administration personnel policies including Work Schedules, Overtime, and Shift Differential. Administrative practices of the University of Nebraska and the (federal) Fair Labor Standards Act, including the Wage and Hour Standards.

Authorities and Administration

4.1 Human Resources - Staffing, Compensation, Records, HRIT (SCRH) is responsible for administration of the Work Schedules Policy and Procedures.

4.2 At the University system level, the Vice President of Business and Finance, upon the advice and consultation from the Council of Business Officers, is responsible for work schedule guidelines.


5.1 Equal Employment Opportunity.
The University of Nebraska Medical Center declares and affirms a policy of equal educational and employment opportunities, affirmative action in employment, and nondiscrimination in providing its services to the public. Therefore, the University of Nebraska Medical Center does not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, and/or political affiliation in its programs, activities, or employment. Sexual harassment in any form, including hostile environment and quid pro quo, is prohibited.

5.2 Work Scheduling.
It is the policy of the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) that all employees work according to established work schedules for the purpose of maintaining continuity in the administration of UNMC and in delivering UNMC’s products and services. For All Employees The normal workweek standard for full-time employees is 40 hours. Part-time employees will be pro-rated according to the established full-time equivalent (FTE). Management reserves the right to adjust the starting and ending times for each shift to meet current needs. In times of severe weather, natural or other disasters, essential personnel may be required to remain on campus for extended periods of time. Employees must notify their supervisor as soon as possible if they are unable to report to work. Specific notification periods and rules are established by departments consistent with the business needs of that department. If an employee fails to report to work and fails to notify the supervisor for three consecutive work days, it will be assumed that the employee has abandoned his/her job. This will result in termination for cause. Work Scheduling Procedures

5.3 Overtime and Compensatory Time For Hourly Paid Employees.

All non-exempt, hourly paid employees (including part-time employees working more than 40 hours in one work-week) will receive overtime compensation. This may be in the form of overtime pay or compensatory time, both granted at one and one-half hours for every hour worked above 40. Business units are responsible for administering and communicating the use of compensatory time and overtime within their specific work areas. Employees may not accumulate more than 60 hours of compensatory time and they must be paid for any hours in excess of that total. (Note: 40 hours of overtime worked converts to 60 hours of compensatory time.) Overtime and Compensatory Time for Hourly Paid Employees Procedures

5.4 Employees Working More Than One Job.
Hourly paid employees seeking additional UNMC paid positions must obtain approval of the primary department supervisor prior to accepting any other employment. In no instance will an hourly paid employee hold multiple positions where the regular FTE would exceed 1.00. Any position that would cause the FTE to exceed 1.00 must be temporary.

5.5 Shift Differential For Hourly Paid Employees.
At UNMC, regular hourly paid employees who are assigned to work at night receive additional compensation. A shift differential of up to ten percent (10%) of base hourly rate is to be paid to an eligible hourly paid employee whose work shift includes four or more hours outside normal UNMC hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Shift differential is to be paid for the entire shift, not just for the four or more hours outside normal hours. Shift differential is to be paid for work shifts every day of the week, including weekends. Shift Differential for Hourly Paid Employees Procedures

5.6 Flextime.
Departments may institute a schedule of flexible working hours for office/service and managerial/professional employees, provided it does not increase staffing costs or decrease departmental efficiency. Flextime allows employees to maintain a work schedule other than normal UNMC hours. Regardless of flextime scheduling, all offices must be sufficiently staffed to maintain regular operations during normal UNMC work hours described above. Flextime Procedures

5.7 Alternative Work Sites.
UNMC departments may allow some employees to perform job responsibilities from home or from other alternative worksites. Depending on the work assignment, this may be appropriate for both office/service and managerial/professionals. A written agreement between the department and the individual is required for use of alternative worksites. Employees could also be required to complete additional agreements regarding use of University-owned equipment at off-site locations. Alternative Work Sites Procedures

5.8 Essential Activity Condition.
At UNMC, in times of extreme/severe weather, natural or other disasters, essential employees may be required to remain on campus for an extended period of time or to report to campus. Essential Activity Condition Procedures

5.9 Severely Inclement Weather.
UNMC, as a health sciences center, has a number of activities that must be kept operational regardless of the weather conditions. Because so many employees must report, regardless of the weather, the determination has been made for the entire campus to be considered open and operational, even when other University of Nebraska campuses and area businesses may be closed. Employees who do not report, or leave early, with supervisor approval must use vacation or floating holiday time to account for any time not worked. Salaried employees who are exempt from FLSA cannot take unpaid leave in increments of less than one work day.

UNMC employees located on other University of Nebraska campuses must follow the guidelines of the campus on which they reside.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

Please see UNMC's Notice of Non-Discrimination regarding the University of Nebraska Medical Center's commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive working and learning environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Additional Information

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