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CON Director, PhD Program

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Responsibilities of the Position
<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">Facilitates academic services to PhD students</li>
<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">Manages PhD program budgets, as delegated by the Associate Dean for Academic Programs</li>
<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">Oversees teaching assignments of PhD courses, in collaborations collaboration with Department Chairs and Division Assistant Deans</li>
<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">Oversees progression review and other policies related to student progression and graduation</li>
<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">Along with the Director of the Master’s Program, recommends graduate faculty appointments to the Dean of the Graduate Studies</li>
<li style="margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:3em;">Engages in an active program of extramurally funded research</li>
====Appointment Requirements====
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