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Medical Surveillance

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Additional Information
*[http://info.unmc.edu/media/safety/UNMC_FLIPCHART.pdf Emergency Preparedness Guide]
*[http://info.unmc.edu/safety/BBP_Exposure_Control_Plan.pdf UNMC Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan]
*[httphttps://www.unmc.edu/iacuc/docspolicies/policy-for-occupational-health-and-safety-for-personnel-with-animal-contactindex.pdf html IACUC Policy for Occupational Health and Safety for Personnel with Animal Contact].
*Table 1. [http://info.unmc.edu/media/safety/Table1RequiredMedicalExaminationbyJob.pdf Required Medical Examination by Job]
*Table 2. [http://info.unmc.edu/media/safety/Table2MedicalExaminations.pdf Medical Examinations - specific examination parameters]

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