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Medical Surveillance

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Exposures - Chemicals
Contact the Campus Emergency Number 9-5555 (off campus 911) If the exposure has resulted in the person being grossly contaminated, injured or incapable of rending aid to themselves or if providing assistance to the injured party would put the rescuer at risk. Contact the 9-OUCH (9-6824) or 402-888-OUCH for guidance for all other chemical exposures.
The poison control center can provide some guidance but will need to know the name of the chemical/substance. In the Omaha area, call 402-955-5555 or call toll-free 1-800-222-1222.<br /><br />
This information is included in the [httphttps://info.unmc.edu/media/safety/procedures/UNMC_FLIPCHART.pdf Emergency Preparedness Guide].  
=== Exposures - Biological Agents and Materials ===
Contact 9-OUCH (9-6824) or 402-888-OUCH (pager) for guidance. This number will be answered 24/7 by the Medical Call Center triage nurse who will determine where the employee should report for follow up care. Expert consultation will guide the triage process. Case management for all biologic exposures will be completed through Employee Health.<br /><br />

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