CON Promotion for Clinical Rank

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Promotion for Clinical Rank Subsection: 4.4.6 (2)
Section 4.0 - Faculty Policies Originating Date: March 2011
Responsible Reviewing Agency:
Promotion and Tenure Committee
Faculty Coordinating Council
General Faculty Organization
Revised: February 2013
Revised: May 2015
Revised: November 2018


  1. The College of Nursing shall promulgate written standards which shall be used in making all recommendations on clinical rank promotion. The standards are applicable for faculty with a masters or doctorally prepared faculty members holding a Special Appointment in the College of Nursing.
  2. The College of Nursing Promotion and Tenure Committee establishes Standards for Promotion for Clinical Rank (Appendix A2). The College of Nursing has established submission deadlines. Submission dates are posted on the College of Nursing Policy and Procedure wiki website. All documents are linked on the Promotion and Tenure page.
  3. College of Nursing Promotion and Tenure Committee will function as the peer review committee. The Committee functions include: assure complete and accurate documentation of the candidate’s accomplishments; assessing the merits of the candidate’s accomplishments in relation to the standards of promotion for clinical rank; and advise the Dean in writing regarding the promotion recommendation.
  4. The College of Nursing Promotion and Tenure Committee solicits external reviews of applicants for promotion. Applicants must indicate whether they waive or retain their right of access to review letters. The “External Letters of Review Waiver” form indicating the applicant's decision regarding access to external reviews must be signed before letters are solicited.


  1. After review by the Promotion and Tenure Committee, the Committee Chair will notify the candidate and the dean in writing of the P&T Committee recommendations.
  2. Committee Decision. To appeal the Promotion and Tenure Committee’s actions, a letter stating why the decision was capricious, arbitrary or prejudiced must be submitted to the Dean within 15 working days after receiving written notification of the denial from the Committee. The dean will review all submitted materials, and may meet with the Promotion and Tenure Committee or request additional review of the documents before rendering a decision. The dean’s decision to deny promotion will be considered final.