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Policy No: 2018
Effective Date: 05/07/19
Revised Date:
Reviewed Date:

Interim Electric Scooter Policy


This policy applies to all employees, students, and visitors of the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and Nebraska Medicine and the use of Electric Scooters on UNMC and Nebraska Medicine property. This policy does not apply to Electric Scooters being used to accommodate persons with mobility restrictions.

Policy Statement

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine reserve the right to regulate the use of Electric Scooters on property. Electric Scooters may be used to travel to campus, subject to applicable traffic law, but must be left at the established drop-off locations on the campus perimeter prior to entering campus.

Reason for Policy

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine prioritize the safety of the campus community while recognizing the potential contribution an Electric Scooter share program may offer. Communities around the country have seen the rapid introduction and implementation of Electric Scooter share programs necessitating ordinances, programs, and policy to ensure the safe usage, parking, storage, and charging of these devices.

In an effort to ensure that UNMC and Nebraska Medicine are best able to meet the needs and demand of the campus and neighboring community in regards to these devices, this interim policy is enacted while a long-term policy, and/or program, that best suits the needs of all stakeholders and constituents is devised and implemented.


Electric Scooters on UNMC and Nebraska Medicine Property

The use of Electric Scooters is subject to the following restrictions:

a. Electric Scooters are not permitted on UNMC or Nebraska Medicine sidewalks, walkways, lawns and/or greenspace.
b. Electric Scooters are not permitted in UNMC or Nebraska Medicine campus buildings.
c. Electric Scooters may be permitted on city streets and users must obey all traffic laws pertaining to Electric Scooter use.
d. Electric Scooters must be left at the established drop-off locations located on the campus perimeter prior to entering campus.
e. Unattended Electric Scooters left on UNMC or Nebraska Medicine property in areas other than the established drop-off locations will be considered abandoned and subject to impound.
f. Electric Scooters and/or their batteries may not be charged on UNMC or Nebraska Medicine property.

Impounded Electric Scooters

UNMC Campus Security (or designee) may impound Electric Scooters found to be in violation of this policy. Proof of ownership is required in order for UNMC Campus Security to release an impounded Electric Scooter. Additionally, UNMC and Nebraska Medicine reserve the right to charge an impound fee prior to the release of an impounded Electric Scooter. Any Electric Scooter not retrieved within thirty (30) days of impound will be considered property of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Electric Scooter: Any two or three-wheeled device that is equipped with handlebars, a floorboard designed for standing upon when riding, and powered by an electric motor.

Additional Information

Please note: This policy is related only to the dockless scooters involved in the program the City of Omaha is piloting with various rental scooter providers. The locations at which dockless scooters can be left specifically applies to those rental scooters only. The policy does not pertain to any privately owned scooters.

The locations at which the scooters can be left do not have power available. The scooter rental companies are responsible for any/all charging needed.

History and Moving Forward

This interim policy is effective for the duration of the City of Omaha’s Electric Scooter pilot program which is scheduled to operate from April through November 2019. Upon conclusion of the pilot program, UNMC will evaluate this interim policy, consult stakeholders and constituents as appropriate, and modify this policy if necessary.

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