Management of Violent or Aggressive Patients/Visitors

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Policy No.: 2013
Effective Date: 11/13/2012
Revised Date:
Reviewed Date: 11/08/2012

Management of Violent or Aggressive Patients/Visitors


The University of Nebraska Medical Center has zero tolerance for violent or aggressive patients/visitors who knowingly threaten or cause bodily injury to any of its employees, staff, students or volunteers while they are performing their official duties. All intentional acts or threats of violence will be reported to the appropriate level of authority, and persons behind the acts will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Any threat, behavior or action that could be interpreted by a reasonable person to carry the potential for harm or the safety of others, an act of aggression or the destruction or damage to property shall be reported.

It is everyone’s responsibility to report acts of violence/assault/threatening behavior so there is a proper response based on the extent of the threat/assault.

The patient care areas including all health clinics shall display in a prominent place a printed sign meeting the requirement of state statutes that states, “WARNING: ASSAULTING A HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL WHO IS ENGAGED IN THE PERFORMANCE OF HIS OR HER OFFICIAL DUTIES IS A FELONY.” NE Revised Statute 28-929.02


Healthcare professional

A physician or other health care practitioner who is licensed, certified, or registered to perform specified health services consistent with state law who practices at a hospital or a health clinic. NE Rev Stat 28:929.01

Healthcare workers

Employees who provide patient care within their job descriptions but are not licensed, certified or registered by the State.


An intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. There are different kinds of assault in varying degrees. The egregiousness of an assault will be determined by law enforcement.


For additional information, see the Safety website or contact the Safety Manager (402-559-7315.

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