Secure Area Card Access Control Procedures

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Secure Card Access Control Procedures

Please see: UNMC Policies Nos. 6008, UNeCard Photo Identification and Secure Card Access Control, 6045, Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security, 6051, Computer Use and Electronic Information Security,6056, Retention and Destruction/Disposal of Private and Confidential Information, and 6067, Facility Security and their related procedures.

NOTE: These guidelines are provided to assist UNMC workforce, including those in the patient treatment areas of the Munroe-Meyer Institute, the College of Medicine Optical Shop, the Lions Eye Bank and the College of Dentistry, as applicable, comply with HIPAA regulations. Those departments and clinics which fall under the jurisdiction of The Nebraska Medical Center and/or UNMC Physicians should consult the policies and procedures of those entities for authoritative guidance.


To obtain installation of secure card access control software

  1. The department head or authorized designee will e-mail request to the UNeCard Office
  2. UNeCard and Campus Security will review request
  3. Department will be notified of decision to grant request within 10 working days
  4. Once access control software has been installed, use of the software and database information will be in compliance with the following:

Once secure card access control software has been installed ID card access to interior and exterior doors containing access control readers

  1. Obtaining access authorization
    • To obtain access to an exterior/interior door, an individual must have the department head (or authorized designee) e-mail the UNeCard Office the request for access
    • Once the UNeCard Office verifies individual has a valid UNMC/The Nebraska Medical Center/UNMC Physicians ID card, patron information and access level will be assigned
    • Each department is accountable for maintaining their own departmental policy/procedure regarding requests for access in accordance with this policy
    • The department manager or authorized designee is responsible for notifying the UNeCard Office of individuals who resign or terminate employment. Individuals who give their ID card to other employees are subject to corrective action up to and including termination. Lost ID cards should be reported to the UNeCard/Photo ID office immediately.
  2. Access control system failure
    • In the event there is a catastrophic failure with the access control system, i.e. server destruction, campus wide network failure
      • The Nebraska Medical Center communication center personnel will notify security personnel immediately
      • UNMC/The Nebraska Medical Center security personnel will coordinate with #**The Nebraska Medical Center communication center staff and UNeCard staff to secure all areas utilizing BASIS access control devices
  3. ID card malfunction at the reader
    • During normal business hours, individuals experiencing ID card related problems with the access control system will contact the UNeCard Office
    • Outside normal business hours, individuals experiencing ID card related problems with the access control system will contact Campus Security. Security personnel will follow internal procedures for determination of granting access to a secure area.
  4. General ID card policies and procedures

For more information, see UNMC Policy No. 6008, Secure Area Card Access Control, or contact the UNeCard Administrator.

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