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Letter Appendix Name Effective Date Revised Date Reviewed Date
Appendix A1 Standards and Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure for Academic Rank May 1997 November 2023  
Appendix A2 Standards and Guidelines for Promotion for Clinical Rank March 2011 November 2023  
Appendix A3 Assistant Dean/Supervisor Guidelines Working with Faculty Eligible for P&T November 2018 September 2020  
Appendix A4 Requesting Emeritus Faculty Appointment March 2008 November 2023  
Appendix B Annual Faculty Activity Review January 2008 January 2022  
Appendix B1 Guidelines for Doctorally Prepared Faculty Role Differentiation January 2006 June 2020  
Appendix B2 Faculty Workload Guidelines January 2006 November 2020  
Appendix D Supplemental Compensation Plan November 1987 March 2022  
Appendix E Budget/Financial Principles and Practice January 2009 January 2022  
Appendix F Summer Salary Awards for Education or Practice Innovation Scholarship November 1998 February 2022  
Appendix H New Undergraduate Course Proposal April 1999 October 2022  
Appendix I Emotional Health Guidelines February 2008 April 2015  
Appendix J Office Assignments February 2011 November 2023  
Appendix K Guidelines For Suspected Breach of Professional Behavior June 2020 May 2021  
Appendix M Request for Waiver of Faculty Immunizations or CPR Requirements (Incorporated into 4.2.12 as downloadable form) October 2003 September 2023  
Appendix N Procedures for Handling Undergraduate Student Appeals of Academic Evaluations May 1991 May 2022  
Appendix P UNMC CON IP Video Procedures (Sunsetted because CON no longer uses IP Video for distribution of classes, large meetings, and special events.) August 2009   April 2016
Appendix Q Procedures for Graduate and Professional Graduate Scholarship and Awards February 2006 December 2023  
Appendix R BlackBoard Style Sheet renamed and moved to 4.3.1 November 2006 December 2012  
Appendix S Faculty Awards Process May 2007 October 2023  
Appendix T Clinical Revenue Distribution Plan December 2008 January 2022  
Appendix V Proctoring Process for Off Campus Examinations May 2011 December 2022  
Appendix W1 Professional Graduate Nursing Program Academic Appeals Procedure May 2013 March 2023  
Appendix W2 Professional Graduate Nursing Program Grievance Procedure May 2013 March 2023  
Appendix X Syllabus Templates May 2015 May 2022  
Appendix Y Request for Change in Course Concepts and Exemplars May 2017   February 2022
Appendix Z Faculty Practice Fund May 2022 December 2023  

Policy Development and Update Procedure